Divorce / Separation

Facts to Consider

  • Divorce is one of the most difficult paths you will walk, but it is possible to have a ‘good’ divorce, through mediation.

    Mediation is a form of alternate dispute resolution. By choosing to mediate your divorce you are choosing to say no to on-going conflict and to a lengthy, costly litigated divorce. This does not mean that you cannot seek legal advice from an attorney during your mediation process.

  • You choose to get married together, you can choose to get divorced together.

    When you choose family mediation, you both choose to discuss and negotiate the terms of your divorce, in a neutral and safe space, to reach settlement decisions that you can live with after your divorce. If you choose to litigate, the divorce process is likely to take years to be finalised. If your divorce ends up at trial, you are asking the Court to make an order, which you or your spouse may not be happy with. Mediation puts the decision-making power in your own hands.

  • Divorce is the undoing of both a relational and a legal contract.

    To provide you with the best possible tools and expertise to get divorced we use a co-mediation model. This means that you will have both a family law attorney and a psychologist as mediators, who mediate your divorce as a team.

  • Mediation is a neutral-battlefield.

    At present you are facing dispute and disagreement, and more than likely feeling some very difficult emotions. To choose mediation is to choose to walk onto the battlefield holding a white flag, in spite of what you are feeling; and choosing to discuss, negotiate and reach agreement in a neutral context. As mediators we do not act for either of you, our role is to act as unbiased facilitators to help you reach your middle ground.

  • Conflict is inevitable, but conflict can be resolved.

    There are times in life when conflict just cannot be avoided. But is it your choice to add fuel to an already blazing fire or to choose to journey through a process of mediation and find a resolution.

  • Crisis can bring positive change.

    Getting divorced may be one of the most devastating crises you have had to face, but even the process of navigating through a divorce can begin to lay the foundations for moving on with your life and rediscovering who you are. It starts by choosing resolution over continued conflict.